Life in the City Center  

Located in the central business district, the Skyrise Elderly Apartments are at the center of culture and commerce consisting of six diverse and distinct districts: Arcadia, Kalamazoo Mall, Haymarket, Southtown, East End, and Bronson Park. Each district has its own unique mixture of dining, shopping, arts, entertainment, business, and medical services. Be sure to find a little time to visit and experience each one.


Kalamazoo Civic Theater
Kalamazoo Public Library
Kalamazoo State Theatre
Bronson Park
Arcadia Festival Place
Kalamazoo Institute of Arts
Bronson Hospital
Kalamazoo Valley Museum
Art Hop
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Office Hours

Monday-Friday         10 am - 12 pm

                                       1 pm -   5 pm

Saturday-Sunday    Closed


Contact Information

105 East Walnut Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49007

Tel: 269-388-3011      TTY: 1-800-649-3777

Fax: 269-388-3013

Skyrise Elderly Apartments observes an Elderly Preference in accordance with Subtitle D of Title VI of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1992. This preference allows for families, whose head, spouse or sole member is 62 years of age or older to be given priority for housing. A secondary preference will be given to those disabled families which are near elderly (those whose head, spouse or sole member is 50-61 years of age). Ten percent of our apartments will be held for occupancy by disabled non-elderly families. Please contact our office for qualification information and additional details. Skyrise is managed in compliance with MSHDA and HUD regulations and all policies are subject to change as may be required by same.

Kalamazoo Civic Theater

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